Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The News Was Interesting Today

Twelve years ago, I sat down and began writing my novel, Beneath the Tor.  Using books like Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln and Bloodline of the Holly Grail by Lawrence Gardner for research into the subject matter of Beneath the Tor.  (Much like Dan Brown did for The DaVinci Code.)

Fast forward a couple of years, I'm still writing and Dan Brown releases The DaVinci Code.  Me, I finish Beneath the Tor and place it in mothballs - not wanting to appear as if I were trying to ride the coat tails of his success.

This year, I brushed it off - edited, revised, edited and revised again and this time I published it.  Currently available for the Kindle, I plan for it to be in every online bookstore before Christmas.  

Beneath the Tor went live earlier this week and then on the news this morning was this story:

Got to say, I find it all exciting.  Although I always believed that he was married and probably had kids.  This little scrap goes quite a way of at least opening the discussion once more.

Could this have been released at a better time?  Not for me - it's perfect timing for interest in my book - Beneath the Tor.  The paperback version should be available within the next two weeks.

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