Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Sinkhole

Put up one of my favorite stories on the Kindle today.  Inspired by a novel I read years ago called The Creepers, I wrote The Sinkhole as I delved into childhood memories.

We've all been afraid at one time or another of the 'boogeyman' in his many shapes and forms.  For me, growing up was a large enclosed sinkhole dotted with small caves around its perimeter.  Although all the kids in the neighborhood loved to play there - I was always leery of the place.  Although it had snakes, that wasn't what disturbed me - it was what lived in those caves.  (Overactive imaginations will always get you in trouble, for sure)

So the story The Sinkhole was born.  Allowing my imagination to wander, the creatures that lived in those caves came to life in the story.  Unlike the young hero of the tale, I've never been back.  But I did the place up on Google maps and it is still a desolate, barren place.  The houses that my friends lived in are all gone and the fence around the perimeter remains.

Oh and my old house now sports a swimming pool in the backyard.  Wish that had been there when I was a kid.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now Holding in My Grubby Little Paws

The paperback edition of Vengeance Is Mine.  Sweet.  As anyone who knows me will say, I poured a lot of tears into this story.  Poor Kevin had to put up with an emotional roller coaster as I wrote Macie's story of oppression to freedom.  Of all the things I written over the years (more than 30 of them), this story hounded me until I had it on paper.

Even through all the edits, critiques by others and writing the story in screenplay format, I never tired of any of the characters.  I hated a few of them, but they never bored me or let me down.  Vengeance Is Mine touched my heart from the very first paragraph.

So to finally hold the finished book in my grubby little paws is sweeter than molasses on honey wheat bread.

If you're interested, check out Vengeance Is Mine.  Currently available on Amazon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


One of my first, and still one of my favorite, short stories went live for the Amazon Kindle last night.  Paranoia was inspired by two vastly different things.  One a neighbor who was so terrified of life, she simply existed.  The second, an segment on an old television movie called Trilogy of Terror, starring Karen Black in all three parts.

I simply took the stand that if thoughts become things - then your greatest fear will become your reality.  While the main character of the story feared dogs, myself I fear snakes.  Both are reflected in Paranoia.  But, as you read this story, whatever your fear may be, will also be reflected and give you something to ponder.

I did notice I've picked up a follower or two since I started this blog all over again.  To those followers, I thank you.