Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now Holding in My Grubby Little Paws

The paperback edition of Vengeance Is Mine.  Sweet.  As anyone who knows me will say, I poured a lot of tears into this story.  Poor Kevin had to put up with an emotional roller coaster as I wrote Macie's story of oppression to freedom.  Of all the things I written over the years (more than 30 of them), this story hounded me until I had it on paper.

Even through all the edits, critiques by others and writing the story in screenplay format, I never tired of any of the characters.  I hated a few of them, but they never bored me or let me down.  Vengeance Is Mine touched my heart from the very first paragraph.

So to finally hold the finished book in my grubby little paws is sweeter than molasses on honey wheat bread.

If you're interested, check out Vengeance Is Mine.  Currently available on Amazon.

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