Saturday, January 28, 2012

I messed up...

So today was supposed to be a free promotion day for Vengeance is Mine - or at least I thought I set it up that way.  After re-looking at the Amazon calendar - I figured out that I set the free day for tomorrow; Sunday.  Oh well, that's what I get for not reading the calendar correctly.

I'm already at work on my next book, The Thirteen.  Doing edits and proof-reading before I print it out and hand it over to my editor.  With any luck, it will be ready for a late March Kindle exclusive.  This one is not horror, but it is a thriller that is bound to cause some controversy.  It's one of those stories I may lose a few friends over - heck I may lose a few friends over Vengeance is Mine also.

I learned from my short stories that some people take what a fiction writer writes as part of the writer's real personality.  Scary thought, but just the way it is.

Bottom line:  I write what I write.  And that is never going to change.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Starting Fresh

So, I started this blog way back in 2009 when my first book Revealed Evil was published.  And then I got caught up in web writing and making a buck or two and this blog just sort of withered on the vine, so to speak.

But now, I'm back.  With a new book, Vengeance is Mine, and at least three more to follow this year.  Currently, both Revealed Evil and Vengeance is Mine are availble for the Kindle.  Revealed Evil is also available in print and can be found in a variety of formats at Smashwords.

I'll admit, I've fallen in love with the Kindle and that is where you will find my books first.  Since there is a Kindle app for almost every single platform out there - this only makes sense to me.  I only have to format the work once - and Kindle takes care of the rest.

So follow along as this new journey begins.  I really look forward to interacting with my fans.