Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beneath the Tor and Other Things

After reading and re-reading the proofs, Beneath the Tor is now approved for a print version.  Look for it on Amazon in the next week and on Barnes and Noble is a few weeks time.  If you just can't wait, the eBook version is already available on Amazon for the Kindle or Kindle reading apps.

Now, it's onward and forward to The XIII, which I hope to have available in all formats for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Thanksgiving weekend).    While not specifically a sequel to Beneath the Tor - it does carry on a few of the themes.  More thriller than fantasy, The XIII is very relevant to today's times.

Also looking forward to seeing our little movie, The Truth of Becoming,  this weekend on the Big Screen at the Offshoot Film Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  It was truly a thrill to be chosen for screening this and when I stop to really think about all the work that went into it, I get quite giddy.  In honor of that the eBook version of The Truth of Becoming will be FREE from Oct. 4th thru Oct. 8th on Amazon.

For now, it's time to do some promised reviews.  Just finished an anthology from Biting Dog Press called Fresh Blood & Old Bones.  Some truly amazing stories in this - but be prepared this is not for the squeamish.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The News Was Interesting Today

Twelve years ago, I sat down and began writing my novel, Beneath the Tor.  Using books like Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln and Bloodline of the Holly Grail by Lawrence Gardner for research into the subject matter of Beneath the Tor.  (Much like Dan Brown did for The DaVinci Code.)

Fast forward a couple of years, I'm still writing and Dan Brown releases The DaVinci Code.  Me, I finish Beneath the Tor and place it in mothballs - not wanting to appear as if I were trying to ride the coat tails of his success.

This year, I brushed it off - edited, revised, edited and revised again and this time I published it.  Currently available for the Kindle, I plan for it to be in every online bookstore before Christmas.  

Beneath the Tor went live earlier this week and then on the news this morning was this story:

Got to say, I find it all exciting.  Although I always believed that he was married and probably had kids.  This little scrap goes quite a way of at least opening the discussion once more.

Could this have been released at a better time?  Not for me - it's perfect timing for interest in my book - Beneath the Tor.  The paperback version should be available within the next two weeks.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beneath the Tor - Released!

At long last, my first full length novel - Beneath the Tor - is available for the Kindle and Kindle reading apps.    With luck, by the end of the next week the paperback version will be available as well.  How exciting (at least for me).

The Blurb:

Miriam is a priestess from the Isle of Avalon.  Yahshua is the love of her life.  Because of that love, her father Joseph of Arimethia forces Miriam to Jerusalem in an attempt to keep the lovers apart.   Fleeing her father's house after an attempted rape, Miriam faces stoning and death when she becomes a priestess in the Temple of Isis.  Her one hope for a happy future is the return of Yahshua.  Once reunited, the two lovers change the course of destiny.

An alternative history/fantasy Beneath the Tor is sure to excite readers of both the Mists of Avalon and The Da Vinci Code as it blends both into a spellbinding thriller that will keep you reading from the first to the last page.

The Disclaimer:

If reading or watching either The Last Temptation of Christ or The Da Vinci Code upset, disturbed or offended you - this book may do that also, so be forewarned.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finally on Kobo Books

After a couple of weeks, both Vengeance is Mine and Journeys Into the Velvet Darkness: Revealed Evil are now available for the Kobo eReader at the Kobo Book Store.  Kobo has been responsible for the majority of my sales - aside from Amazon - for Revealed Evil over the years, so I am glad that Vengeance Is Mine is available there also.

It's looking like a late September opening for Beneath the Tor and I'm really getting excited about it.  Not only does it have an awesome cover, by the truly talented Neil Jackson, (whose website Pig & Cow Design is under construction but will be open for business Sept. 24th), the story itself is bound to kick up quite a stir.  Anyone remember the controversy surrounding either The Last Temptation of Christ or The DaVinci Code? - something similar to that is what I am hoping for.

Following on the heels of Beneath the Tor will be my thriller The XIII.  All of this in time for the Holiday buying season to help fill up those brand spanking new eReaders that were announced earlier this week.  I know I have one on my wish list.  :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reviews are coming in for...

The Truth of Becoming short story.  And they are good - nope, scratch that- they are great.  Both rated 5 stars and that makes any author happy.  So just in case you are interested, here they are:

Interviewing a Vampire, September 2, 2012
By armand rosamilia (Palm Coast, Florida) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Truth of Becoming (Kindle Edition)
The sparse narrative style of the story hooks you in from the beginning, and doesn't let go. The author doesn't waste time with flourishing prose intent to pad the word count. Instead, you get the truth from the narrator in his own words, and it simply works.

Looking forward to reading more and more from this author!

I received a review copy and I'm glad I did. Will be buying and reviewing every new release from now on.

Armand Rosamilia

5.0 out of 5 stars not exploded, nuked!, August 31, 2012
By Vix Kirkpatrick (Basingstoke) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Truth of Becoming (Kindle Edition)
WOW where to start with this review - this gripped me from the start, held me down and splattered me into submission.
A blast of an introduction on the turning of a vampire. Explode the myth? I think Kat Yares has nuked it!
Sharply written, so tense it gave no room for emotion, leaving you as devoid as the new Vamp.
This left me in wide-eyed shock and relief as the "new man" saunters off into the moon light!

My first novella by this author and blimey I feel a little dazed and confused, but ready for more.


Now that people are reading it, I'm hoping that when they see the adaptation on the screen - they will like it just as much.  For those in or around Arkansas - your first chance to see The Truth of Becoming will be at the Offshoot Film Festival in Fayetteville, October 4th thru 7th.

Until then, why not grab a copy of the short story - it's less than a cup of coffee from MickeyDs - and will stay with you much longer.