Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reviews are coming in for...

The Truth of Becoming short story.  And they are good - nope, scratch that- they are great.  Both rated 5 stars and that makes any author happy.  So just in case you are interested, here they are:

Interviewing a Vampire, September 2, 2012
By armand rosamilia (Palm Coast, Florida) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Truth of Becoming (Kindle Edition)
The sparse narrative style of the story hooks you in from the beginning, and doesn't let go. The author doesn't waste time with flourishing prose intent to pad the word count. Instead, you get the truth from the narrator in his own words, and it simply works.

Looking forward to reading more and more from this author!

I received a review copy and I'm glad I did. Will be buying and reviewing every new release from now on.

Armand Rosamilia

5.0 out of 5 stars not exploded, nuked!, August 31, 2012
By Vix Kirkpatrick (Basingstoke) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Truth of Becoming (Kindle Edition)
WOW where to start with this review - this gripped me from the start, held me down and splattered me into submission.
A blast of an introduction on the turning of a vampire. Explode the myth? I think Kat Yares has nuked it!
Sharply written, so tense it gave no room for emotion, leaving you as devoid as the new Vamp.
This left me in wide-eyed shock and relief as the "new man" saunters off into the moon light!

My first novella by this author and blimey I feel a little dazed and confused, but ready for more.


Now that people are reading it, I'm hoping that when they see the adaptation on the screen - they will like it just as much.  For those in or around Arkansas - your first chance to see The Truth of Becoming will be at the Offshoot Film Festival in Fayetteville, October 4th thru 7th.

Until then, why not grab a copy of the short story - it's less than a cup of coffee from MickeyDs - and will stay with you much longer.

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