Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The XIII - available for most eReaders

Available today - THE XIII in a variety of eReader formats.  Print version coming next week :)

For over two thousand years, the patriarchal heads of thirteen families have ruled the world from the shadows. When adopted Maria Sanchez marries the wealthy, good looking Joshua Christenson III, she has no idea of who he really is or the ancestry of their child she carries. As the new generation of the thirteen take their places at the table - they have no idea that one in their own midst will seek to destroy them all.

As Maria attempts to understand what is happening in the world and why; the weaker link of the thirteen attempts to gain the power that he so desperately desires.

Although a standalone thriller, The XIII picks up 2000 years after the story told in Kat Yares' Beneath the Tor. A page turner that fits the description of The Da Vinci Code meets The Illuminati. Although first penned several years ago, the themes in this story are front page news today.

Buy now for just $4.99

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And the book that started it all, is still on sale at Amazon for $2.99 - Grab a copy of Beneath the Tor from Amazon

Monday, November 12, 2012

Price Drop on Beneath the Tor

Have no idea how long it is going to last, but Amazon has dropped the price of the print edition of Beneath the Tor to $7.65.  That's a 35 or 36 percent savings over the regular price of $11.99.  So if you have any interest in buying a print copy - I'd say go for it.  You can pick it up at that price at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

On a related note - I dropped the price of the Kindle version of Beneath the Tor from $4.99 to $2.99.  Don't know how long that will last either, but guarantee that the price will go back up after CyberMonday.  Beneath the Tor should be available for other readers around the middle of December.

The XIII is still on schedule to be out and ready for your eReader on CyberMonday also.  I hope to have it available for all eReaders, but can almost promise the Kindle, the Nook and the Kobo.  Sony and Apple have to loaded through Smashwords (where it will be also) so they may not make the deadline for their respective websites.  The print edition will follow shortly thereafter, but absolutely in time for a Christmas present for yourself or others.