On this page, I'm going to share some of the reviews I've written for books I've loved to read.

First Up:

An early reader for ages Kindergarten to around 3rd grade.

When author Jeff Stevenson was looking for reviewers for this early reader book, I jumped at the chance to get this book free in exchange for a review. As my grandson is just beginning to learn to read - I thought it would be perfect for him. I was right. He loves everything about this book, from the illustrations by Nicholas Vashall, to the story of a young pup (Moka) who overcomes fear to learn something new.

My grandson loved the fact that this was also a book that had coloring pages and puzzles - which he had never seen in a kid's book before. This book, teaches not only reading, but problem solving and motor skills (and as a grandma - I like that). Now that he's done it all (read it many times now), he keeps asking when I'm going to get him the next one, because he wants to know what Moka does next. To me, that's a perfect endorsement.

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  1. Thank you Kat for this great review. FYI Moka's Pillow Party is in the works as we speak!