Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finally on Kobo Books

After a couple of weeks, both Vengeance is Mine and Journeys Into the Velvet Darkness: Revealed Evil are now available for the Kobo eReader at the Kobo Book Store.  Kobo has been responsible for the majority of my sales - aside from Amazon - for Revealed Evil over the years, so I am glad that Vengeance Is Mine is available there also.

It's looking like a late September opening for Beneath the Tor and I'm really getting excited about it.  Not only does it have an awesome cover, by the truly talented Neil Jackson, (whose website Pig & Cow Design is under construction but will be open for business Sept. 24th), the story itself is bound to kick up quite a stir.  Anyone remember the controversy surrounding either The Last Temptation of Christ or The DaVinci Code? - something similar to that is what I am hoping for.

Following on the heels of Beneath the Tor will be my thriller The XIII.  All of this in time for the Holiday buying season to help fill up those brand spanking new eReaders that were announced earlier this week.  I know I have one on my wish list.  :)

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