Sunday, April 8, 2012

How cool is this?

Just received an email from a lady I handed a print copy of Vengeance Is Mine to the other evening.  In part, it reads:

"I enjoyed reading “Vengeance is Mine”.  It was a book I didn’t want to put down until I had finished it.  I envy your ability to pen such a story.  I could feel Macie’s pain (not that I could share personally) but your writing made it so a person could be there with her and hoped someone could and did do something for her.  Just wanted to clap for joy at the ending!"

That truly made my day!  Amazon reviews are nice, but when a reader takes a moment out of their busy day to contact an author personally - it means the world, at least to me.

Slowly but surely I'm adding to this blog.  Decided it would do just fine for a personal website - which is why is now redirected to here.  Redoing my previous website was much more work than I wanted to do - I'd rather just write story.

So today, it's write a bit, edit a bit, cook a bit and enjoy the beautiful Sunday it is.

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