Saturday, April 21, 2012

Free - One Last Time

Tomorrow, Sunday April 22, my novella Vengeance is Mine will be free for downloading to your Kindle or Kindle app.  Beginning next week, I will be making it available for the Nook, Sony eReader, Kobo reader, and available in the iTunes store for you Apple device (iPod, iPad, etc).

It's been a fun adventure having Vengeance Is Mine as part of the Kindle select program.  Because of the promotion, I've met new friends and discovered many, many new authors.  I will be using the Select program from here on out to introduce new books that I will be publishing throughout the year.

Next up will be a novel Beneath the Tor.  It's not horror - more of an alternative history fantasy.  Think along the lines of a Dan Brown story (not that I am at all comparing myself to Dan Brown).  But if you liked his books and if you liked the Avalon series of books by Marion Zimmer Bradley - you might want to watch for when this one goes live.  To give it a tag line - Mists of Avalon meets New Testament Christianity.

Stay tuned!

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