Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quit Spamming my Email

Yes, I'm aware lots of folks know that I review books and products for Amazon, Hellnotes and other outlets.  That's cool.  But what isn't cool, it opening my email in the mornings and finding 20 to 30 requests for reviews that aren't anything similar to what I normally read or test.  Today's fun things were bath salts and artworks.  I've never reviewed either before so why should I start now?  Neither interests me.

Yes, I know a number of websites collect Amazon top reviewers emails and sells them to new authors.  Yes, I know how important reviews are for books (after all, I'm an author myself), but I guarantee that if you send me an email (often in a very bullying tone) wanting a review of your book - I will delete that email with the rest of the spam I get daily.

Bottom line, I review only in certain genres and certain gadgets.  If your stuff doesn't fall within those limitations, you're wasting your time (and mine).  Your best chance of getting a review out of me (especially for books) is friending me on Facebook, building a relationship and then pitching.  If I'm interested, I'll request your book (or product) for review.  Something else to keep in mind, especially for product reviews, is I will not pay for the product in any way and that includes shipping charges.

And for the publishers that I've requested books from - thank you for sending them.  But, please, don't send an extra book that I haven't requested.  Chances are that extra book will never get reviewed.

If this sounds a bit whiney, it probably is.  My time is just as valuable as the next person's and I hate having it wasted by those who refuse to take the time to understand how and why I do what I do.

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