Monday, December 17, 2012

My Thoughts on the Newtown Massacre

I get asked often why I write horror and the answer is really quite simple - to face the demons inside my own head. What kind of demons, you may well ask. Those demons that come with being a human being. They are the things I fear, the things I'd rather sweep under the rug and never confront. Horror allows me to do that in a safe way, it allows me to write those fears in a way that I can deal with them and not hurt anyone in the process.

With that said - No monster, no horror that I can conceive of can compete with the evil monsters that walk daily among us. As this latest shooting has once again proved, monsters exist in the real world and they may live next door to us, down the street or be a part of the groups we hang out with. We just don't know - until their evil is revealed.

My heart breaks for the families of the 27 dead in Newtown - I have cried nearly as many tears over this tragedy as I did after 9/11. I, like I'm sure many others, found myself glued to the television screen watching the events as they unfolded that afternoon. Then I couldn't take it anymore. I shut off the TV and bawled like a baby.

So I turned to Facebook to see if my friends were feeling the same grief that I was. Many were, but many were not. Some were angry - which is fine, I was angry also. But some made me disappointed to know them. Status updates were flying - pushing this social agenda or this religions hate-mongering. Pointing fingers at this 'right' or that one. I had to turn that off also. It was just too much for my already bleeding heart.

I don't know what the solution is to this kind of problem we have with people with guns deliberately going out to kill everyone who crosses their path. Something is lacking in the moral fiber of these people. And I'm not talking God, religion or any type of faith. I'm talking about being human - with compassion, empathy, respect and humanity to one another. That is basic to being human, or least I've always thought so.

I do know that the only 'person' to blame is that young man who picked up those guns. Mentally ill or not - he was the responsible one. You can blame the guns if you want, you can blame the 'lack' of God or the 'will' of God if you so choose. You can choose to blame the media, television & movie violence, what ever - bottom line - he picked up the guns. I choose to believe in personal responsibility.

Comparing this mass shooting to others only takes away from this one. Our focus should be on these families right now that are facing a Christmas without their loved ones and whose future Christmas' will never be as happy as they should be.

It's time to tone it down. Hug your kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. Evil exists and no matter what laws are passed - it always will. Use your words for the benefit and uplifting of others - quit trying to turn everything into a us versus them mentality. This is a tragedy beyond believe, let's quit treating it like many treated the election cycle this year. We don't need more hate in the world.

But for me, thinking I'm going to stay off my newsfeed on Facebook - seeing people act like rabid dogs only serves to break my heart more. Instead, I think I'll wrap gifts for my grandkids and bask in the love I feel for them and my children. And maybe write a bit.


  1. I completely agree, Kat. As you have certainly noticed, I'm a bit less present at our usual hangouts on FB lately. I just got sick of that hate. I was writing a stupid b-movie-like short for Christmas, but this ... horror swept away my creativity. I decided to let it go. I need the Christmas spirit this year, more than at other times. I'm not christian, but I always liked the positive spirit of the holiday.
    I'll just write something else.

  2. I'm the same way, Jeff - I enjoy what is supposed to be the Christmas spirit - but I'm seeing so little of it as late. As for hanging out in my usual places - I'll check in - read posts, help promote. But chances are, I'm going to losing a few people on my friends list, simply because I cannot wrap my head around the way they think.

  3. I agree with you Kat. People can and will blame other people and objects because it is easier than taking personal responsibility for their actions. I had a lot more to say on the first post but it got trashed when I tried to sign in to my WordPress site. Anyway I was also in the Christmas Spirit this year for the first time in almost ten years because of some of the people I've meant on FB this year. I have been avoiding many of my favorite sites and all tv programming because of the lack of sensitivity of so many people. I promised myself last night I would not post any more comments regarding my views or thoughts on this tragedy. I am very tired of all the negativity and lack of sensitivity on media's part and some of the inane comments of a lot of people. I hope you and Jeffrey have a great day and hope we will remain friends. Thank you.

    1. Linda,
      I'm not saying much more about it either. Stayed off FB for the most part this weekend knowing that I would have to sit on my hands, to keep from hitting the 'block' button on several people I once respected.

      And we're not watching tv here either - played movies all weekend to avoid the media circus.

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