Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just a Few Updates

At long last, Vengeance Is Mine is now available at Barnes and Noble.  Within a few weeks, it will also be available for the iBook and Kobo readers also.  Which is way cool!  I'll post those links when they are live.

Kevin and I are both finally satisfied with the movie version of  my short story, The Truth of Becoming.  We'll be sending copies out to cast and crew in the next few weeks, as well as submitting it to film festivals around the country.  We even have our first - non movie maker review and it was pretty good, so we're real happy with that.

Goddess willing and the creek don't rise - we'll be shooting Lost Souls in late July.  We just have our plates full until then.  More pre-production on this one than the others since we're going for some very specific camera shots.

And in the writing world - I hope to have Beneath the Tor available as an Kindle exclusive sometime in early June.  The sequel The XIII should be up sometime in July.  After the 90 exclusive period ends, they will both be available at all eBook outlets on the web and most probably in print also.

So much to do, so little time...but at least we stay busy.

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