Tuesday, March 26, 2013

John Paul Allen Visits

Today, I have a very special guest on my blog.  The wonderfully talented, phenomenal story teller John Paul Allen.  This man writes horror that will stay with you long after you finish the last pages of one of his tales.  I have read everything this man has written and published and I consider him a friend (although I may simply be a stalker or groupie) and I recommend  his work to everyone I talk to and every chance I get.  So without further ado....here's John, in his own words.

I Want You to Like Me
John Paul Allen

I wrote a book. That’s what my being here is all about, the reason Free Book Dude was nice enough to ask if I was interested in doing a book tour. This is actually my second tour. For those who might remember, I spent a week promoting the Fresh Blood, Old Bones anthology back in December. I had a choice and instead of plugging something solely mine I decided to hype something I was a part of – not completely - just to see how it went. It must have turned out fine, because I’m back.

How this whole thing works: I write a clever blog, you read it, it makes you click the link where you check out my book, you buy it, I become rich, and I quit my day job. I’m here to promote a product … actually two products: my book and also me. You’re not going to read what I wrote unless you like me.

So in my quest to be liked, let’s go back to the steps of the plan where it reads that you make me rich. That’s humor, possibly bad humor - total nonsense for your entertainment none the less. If every person reading this, every person who reads the other three blogs I write this week, every person  facebook friend (4,000 plus), and all those following me on Twitter bought my book it wouldn’t make me rich. It would of course allow me to eat better, but that’s not financial security. The point I’m getting at is that I do not write blogs, post on facebook, tweet, or go to mega social media websites because of money. If that were the case, there would be thousands of less offering by almost as many writers and you’d be content with those names you already know. Oh and you’d probably be paying a hell of a lot more for your reading material.

Still I need you to like me enough to learn more about my writing and if not for the money – why? Because it’s what I do best – least that’s what I’ve been told, and I want to share it with others. That’s why most of us do it, and those who are fed by dreams of riches are new to the business. Nine years ago, in the midst of a happy existence, I fell into writing. Unlike many who say they dreamed of this all of their lives, I didn’t. Hell, I didn’t even read horror and now I’ve got several frightening tales available with every major ebook supplier in the world. In 2002 I wrote a story for a college class and people liked it enough for me to reconsider my life purpose. A year later my first novel, Gifted Trust, was released and I was hooked to this genre.

Not convinced yet? Understandable – so let’s go slow (baby steps):
First read my free short story, House Guest, at http://tinyurl.com/cq779wa and get a feel of my style. You’ll see from the reviews that it’s loved and hated by many and my work might not be for you.

Second, if you want to read more, look at Gifted Trust-Revised Edition, http://tinyurl.com/a8bw9bm and click on the cover (left side of page). You can read most of the first five chapters. Warning: My work is not for everyone. GT is pretty violent and there is sexual content, but if what you read interests you then I’m asking that you consider reading the entire book.

That’s it – like me yet? If not then check out my facebook page, www.facebook.com/absoluteallen and become a friend. Reading me is not a requirement – many of my friends don’t, but if you do I promise you won’t forget it.

Thanks for reading this far. I’d also like to thank the folks with Free Book Dude for the many things they’ve done for me and other writers. Check them out at: http://www.freebookdude.com and also Dave Dinsmore and Biting Dog Publications who has supported me and other writers over the last decade. Their link is http://www.bitingdogpress.com

More about John Paul Allen:
John Paul Allen refers to himself as a Semi-Complete Unknown. That said, his popularity seems to be growing. "It's all material." Allen says when asked where his ideas come from. "Life is the best source, and nothing is off limits."

What He Writes: Stories without borders. John Paul Allen is known for crossing lines and warns readers, "Nothing is off limits, if it edifies a story. If you want safe, there's a lot of that being offered. I expect my readers to go beyond the content, in order to enjoy the story."

Gifted Trust Book Blurb
In 1930 Max Belote, a Dallas literary agent, heard the voice of Virago. “Tell her, just be good,” it whispered and he’d repeat before mutilating or killing his victim. Wanting to stop the evil entity inside him, Max ended his life. In 1970 convicted serial murderer Jeffrey Michael Roberts also heard the words, and until his execution he fulfilled its desires. In 2003 Virago spoke to Edward Paine, a high school teacher, who sought help to destroy the creature within. One soul, three lives, and the evil entity that commands them. 

Death is not the end... It’s a brief interruption.

Join indie author John Paul Allen as he follows the voices in his head around the internet. They will talk about his book Gifted Trust, share some insights into the workings of a twisted mind and hold an awesome book giveaway.

Gifted Trust Tour Stop List
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March 26 – The Blog World of Kat Yares – Guest Post from John Paul Allen
March 27 – The Dead Centre – Guest Post from John Paul Allen
March 28 – My Cozie Corner – Review of Gifted Trust
March 29 – Huw Thomas – Guest Post from John Paul Allen
March 29 – Timothy Dean's Pirate Radio – LIVE Interview with John Paul Allen
March 30 – The FlipSide of Julianne – Excerpt from Gifted Trust

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